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Areas of Practice


Anonymous Reporting

Employees anonymously & discreetly report issues without fear of retaliation using our simple online platform.                                                                           


Some topics are so important today that they require more than a policy or attestation.  These topics need an online training program that include tracking and testing of retained information.                                                                       

custom languages for global support

We support clients in over 45 countries and in every region of the globe.  As such our entire platform operates in most languages including for policy management, custom attestations, certifications, forms, and more.                       

Whistleblower case management

Compliance, Legal, and Human Resources teams can easily view case evidence such as photo, video, or other documentation and anonymously communicate back and forth with the employee to audit and close out cases.

policy management

Some organizations will have several important policies that need to communicated across all or only certain departments within a firm.  Our platform allows you to customize when and how important policies are made available.

single sign on

We are fully equipped with single sign on capabilities for firms that are ready to do away with password and username challenges.  However if you are a smaller firm and not yet ready we are experienced in a seemless and comfortable registration process and the helpdesk support that comes with it.

conflicts of interest monitoring

A Code of Ethics outlines a firm's position on outside business activities, gifts & business entertainment, Anti-Bribery policies, and much more.  Have your employees attest to these policies and seek permission with our platform.

Integrity Certification assistant helpdesk

Our ICA helpdesk is on standby for any assistance your employees need.  Whether in the United States or abroad, we can support the helpdesk needs that may arise.                                                                                                                

law enforcement ethics

We support law enforcement agencies in applying their important policies and monitoring needs.  Whether an agency needs their General Orders and SOP communicated across officers and employees or tracking firearms qualifications, we can meet your law enforcement needs.