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Compliance & Human Resources are not always thought of as belonging together.  These departments often exist with separate personnel, budgets, and mindsets.  There is however a strong tie that binds the two focus areas.  The words “ethics” can come to mind.  Ethics is the key to the culture of a firm and ensuring that employees have the guidance necessary to act appropriately and to the company standard in situations that otherwise invite chaos.  Firms today should look to enforce a strong Compliance and HR standard by facilitating systems that specialize in Whistleblower Reporting, Case Management, Certification Tracking, Policy Management & more.

A Code of Conduct or Ethics for a firm along with other important Compliance and Human Resources standards must be upheld.  Sexual Harassment, Political Contributions, Gifts & Business Entertainment, along with any number of other key areas are drivers in the overall program.  These policies and standards are ideal for a system of attestations, tracking and policy education.  More importantly a code of conduct is a management tool designed to set forth a firm’s values.  Most firms believe that acting according to a firm’s Code of Conduct is not only the right thing to do but also the right thing to do for the business.  Codes of Conduct will touch on important topics related to conflicts of interest and workplace equality that ultimately serve to protect a firm’s reputation and profitability.


What is HBSComply?

Simply put, HBSComply is a software as a service compliance & ethics monitoring platform.  Today firms face a multitude of vendor programs covering essential Compliance, Ethics, & HR tasks.  This can strain multiple budgets at a firm.  In addition, each vendor software program will have its own look, feel, and logins.  HBSComply eradicates this by creating in all-in-one system for one affordable price across multiple departments, uses, and one standard customized look for your firm.  We service clients in over 45 countries with a multitude of languages, regulations, and industries.  Learn more about what HBSComply can do for your firm including:

  • Anonymous Reporting & Case Management

  • Conflicts of Interest Monitoring

  • Policy Management

  • E-Learning


Our Services Include:

Anonymous reporting

Employees are the eyes and ears of a firm.  Over the past several years an increased emphasis has been placed on ethics, compliance, and regulatory violations by leveraging regulatory whistleblower incentive programs.  Your firm can reduce the risk of large fines, reputation risk, and unnecessary regulatory oversight by implementing strong internal controls that go beyond the typical company hotline.  Employees discreetly report perceived compliance or human resources breaches on their computer.

policy management

Organizations today have the need to create firmwide policies to cover many important topics related to human resources and Compliance.  Policy creation is designed to indicate a set of values and a code of behavior to illustrate how employees fit into a firm and act in different situations.   Organize and deliver your firms important policies in any language using HBSComply.  Communicate your important Compliance and Human Resources policies in any language and ensure that your employees are aware of your firms take on important concepts that impact all industries.

case management

Our system allows the individual employees to easily and discreetly report perceived breaches on their computer, and use our software’s ability to capture photo or video evidence when or if necessary.  These reports are sent directly to the firm’s Compliance group and are recorded in a database for review or further research. The Compliance group can coordinate with Audit groups to initiate reviews of policies and procedures perceived to be compromised, or investigate the reported matter themselves.


A e-learning component is essential to any Compliance and Human Resources program.  Formulating policy and delivering policy via certifications and attestations are essential but an e-learning module is a key delivery method to ensure that employees truly understand the policies that steer a firm in the right direction.  Using HBSComply allows a firm to create important training topics, send e-learning modules to employees, test their understanding with automated quizzes, and track the completion by employees.

code of ethics

The Code of Conduct or Ethics for a firm along with other important Compliance and Human Resources standards must be upheld.  Outside Business Activities, Political Contributions, Gifts & Business Entertainment, Anti-Bribery, along with any number of other key areas are drivers in the overall program.  These policies and standards are ideal for a system of attestations, tracking and policy education.  Our system automatically tracks these conflicts of interest via customized certifications and attestations.

Law enforcement ethics

The General Orders, Standard Operating Procedures and other policies form the basis for a departments Compliance program. Agencies today need the ability to customize, communicate, and audit new legal and compliance certifications.  Changes to policies and ongoing management of internal legal and department procedures often require the ability to send and receive certifications to your employees and officers.  The ability to document and audit these required certifications should be seamless and user friendly.  We offer custom certification tools that allow your employees to view policies, seek approval for important topics covered in the General Orders and SOP, and periodically certify on important policy content. 


There’s no such thing as business ethics; there’s just ethics. And ethics makes no concessions for the real or imagined necessities of making a profit.
— Michael Josephson


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